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The following is a list of episodes of the TLC reality television series Cake Boss. The series is set at Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey and stars Buddy Valastro, the shop's owner, his retired mother, four older sisters, and three brothers-in-law (two of whom are employees at the bakery) in their everyday life of running a bakery store.

Cake Boss premiered on April 19, 2009. As of May 28, 2012, a total of 95 episodes and 5 stand-alone specials have been broadcast. The first three seasons, along with the first half of season 4, have been released on DVD in Region 1. Each episode title employs alliteration.

Series overview[]

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Discs
1 13 April 19, 2009 August 17, 2009 December 15, 2009 TBA TBA 2
2 18 October 26, 2009 February 22, 2010 May 18, 2010 TBA TBA 2
3 24 May 31, 2010 November 29, 2010 February 1, 2011 TBA TBA 3
4 38 January 31, 2011 January 30, 2012 December 6, 2011 - Vol. 1

TBA - Vol. 2

5 TBA May 28, 2012 February 18, 2013 TBA TBA TBA



No. Title Airdate
S-01 "The Best of Cake Boss" February 22, 2010
In this special clip show episode, Buddy counts down his five favorite cakes from seasons one and two, as well as favorite family moments.
S-02 "Cake Boss: Ultimate Cake Boss" May 31, 2010
In this special episode of Ultimate Cake Off, Buddy decides which of his brothers-in-law makes the best cake for the 100th anniversary of Carlo's Bakery. This is the first time that Cake Boss has done a crossover with Ultimate Cake Off.
S-03 "Cake Boss: Dear Buddy..." October 10, 2011
Buddy and La Famiglia answers questions sent by viewers about the bakery and the people who run it. Also, Buddy gives viewers a tour of the new bakery at Lackawanna Center. Then, Buddy and the crew pick the best cake made by a Cake Boss viewer for an opportunity to make a cake with Buddy at the bakery.
S-04 "Cake Boss: Family Feast" November 24, 2011
Buddy and La Famiglia talk about their plans for Thanksgiving at home and at the bakery.
S-05 "Cake Boss: Family Secrets" November 28, 2011
The secrets of Carlo's Bakery, as told by Buddy and La Famiglia.

Season 1[]

No. Total Title Airdate
1 1 "A Bride, a Boat and Bamboozled!" April 19, 2009
After an extremely busy order week, Buddy gets a call about a photo spread in Brides Magazine, though last minute changes may challenge Buddy's ability to complete this order on time. In addition, he gets an order to make a boat for someone's birthday, not knowing that the person he's making it for... is himself. However, the bakers end up in a heated crisis when they run out of sugar.
2 2 "A Fire, a Fashionista and Family" May 25, 2009
Buddy and his team build a fire engine cake complete with working lights, a siren, and smoke. Buddy recreates his father's signature cake for a family memorial dinner.
3 3 "Bunny, Birthday and Burnt Food" June 1, 2009
To keep morale high during the Easter season, which is the busiest time for the shop, Frankie begrudgingly dresses as the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile, Buddy makes an Easter cake for a children's charity fundraiser, as well as birthday cakes for his niece, nephew and mother. Later, Grace cooks Easter dinner for the family, never mind that many question her cooking skills from past experience.
4 4 "Weddings, Water and Wacked!" June 8, 2009
The bakery is asked to make a large roulette table cake for a local businessman, but due to the particular nature of this businessman, Buddy fears for his life. Also: orders are increasing as wedding season nears, making the delivery process more susceptible to errors.
5 5 "Bi-Plane, Bridezilla and Busting Buddy" June 15, 2009
Buddy makes a biplane cake pro bono for the children's hospital at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center. A bride-to-be becomes difficult after she is displeased with her cake, which was decided on by her mother. Stretch plots revenge against Buddy, but suffers an unexpected retaliation.
6 6 "Undead, Unclothed and Unhappy Mama" June 22, 2009
Buddy is discomfited by the cake he is asked to make for a group of unusual clients -- a couple from Asbury Park who wanted a zombie-themed wedding cake. Buddy's mother disapproves of a risque cake he is asked to make for a bachelorette party.
7 7 "Doves, Ducks and Delicacies" June 29, 2009
Buddy is enthused when a request is made for an old-fashioned styled wedding cake like his father used to make, but is forced to go hunting to complete it, as it included an unorthodox ingredient.
8 8 "Museum, Mistakes and Mother Mary" July 6, 2009
The shop goes to the American Museum of Natural History to acquire reference for a prehistoric mammal cake; a sweet 16 cake proves to be more work than anyone planned on; Frankie makes and decorates a cake all by himself for Mary's daughter's dance recital.
9 9 "Soldiers, Sand and Salads" July 13, 2009
The shop is asked to make an FAO Schwarz-themed cake for birthday party and a beach-themed cake for a local beach club. The men challenge the women to a weight loss contest.
10 10 "Chinese Culture and Cannolis" July 20, 2009
A dragon boat racing team orders a traditional Chinese dragon cake, which proves to be a unique challenge. The bakery also prepares hundreds of cannoli shells for the annual 25¢ Throw Back Cannoli Day. Buddy and Lisa celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary.
11 11 "A Blindfold, a Bikini and Breathing Fire" July 27, 2009
A customer orders a tiki cake that emits fire and a cake for his sister-in-law's bridal shower. Also, Mauro challenges him to ice a cake blindfolded. Buddy also has to make a bridal shower cake for his sister-in-law and Mauro challenges him to ice a cake while blindfolded, lest he be forced to come to the bakery dressed in a grass skirt and coconut bra.
12 12 "Leaning, Lobsters and Lectures" August 10, 2009
Customers order a Leaning Tower of Pisa wedding cake and lobster-bake-themed cake that Buddy frantically rushes to complete after he learns that the customer gave him an incorrect deadline date.
13 13 "Fireworks, Falling Fondant and Fathers" August 17, 2009
Fireworks by Grucci, a renowned, family-owned fireworks company, asks Buddy for a cake that features their product and honors their patriarch. Buddy plans a surprise for his Buddy Jr.'s class when he attends his school's Bring Your Dad to School Day.

Season 2[]

  • One hour episode.
No. Total Title Airdate
1 14 "Plants, Pranks and A Proposal" October 26, 2009
A customer orders a cake inspired by Amy N. Stewart's book Wicked Plants. Another who wants to propose to his girlfriend at the bakery requests an engagement ring box cake.
2 15 "Candy, Crash and Crisis" October 26, 2009
Dylan's Candy Bar, a New York candy store, orders a cake adorned with its products. The sisters contemplate hiring an assistant for an overworked Buddy.
3 16 "Robots, Rollerskates and Relatives" November 2, 2009
Customer orders include a moving robot cake, and 1970s-themed roller skate cake that the customer wants delivered on skates. Anthony gets a talkative new companion on a delivery.
4 17 "Painters, Pool and Pink!" November 2, 2009
Buddy makes a billiard table cake for football player Justin Tuck and shows off his pool skills. The bakery gets a makeover with unexpected results. Buddy makes a cake for the painters.
5 18 "A Battleship, Ballet and Burning!" November 9, 2009
Customer orders include a large cake for the U.S. Air Force, and a dance-themed cake. The women get into a heated argument.
6 19 "Children, a Cage, and a Challenge" November 16, 2009
Buddy creates a cage fight-themed cake, inspiring his teenage nephew to challenge Frankie to a wrestling match. The team also creates a dragon cake that talks.
7 20 "Pizza, Poochies and Pop-in-Law" November 23, 2009
Buddy is asked to create a cake for a local animal shelter. Later, he challenges his father-in-law a pizza-making contest.
8 21 "Golf Greens and Gravity" November 23, 2009
Customers ordering cakes include a planetarium and a golf tournament cake, which spurs the staff to go golfing for inspiration.
9 22 "Freaks, Fast Food and Frightened Frankie" November 30, 2009
After making a buffet-style cake for Major League Eating, the bakery heavyweights are challenged to an eating contest. While making a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, one of Frankie's biggest fears is exposed.
10 23 "Colorful Characters and Christmas Costumes" December 7, 2009
The staff create a holiday-themed cake for a drag queen. Cousin Anthony and Stretch beg Buddy to let them deliver a cake to a party full of women, but Buddy has a trick up his sleeve when responding to their request.
11 24 "Motorcycles, Manhattanites and Misbehaving" December 14, 2009
Buddy is asked to make a cake for the Long Island Hells Angels, and a tea party-themed cake for Upper East Side socialites.
12 25 "Blushing Brides and Busy Bakers" January 4, 2010
The bakery breaks a record by making 50 wedding cakes in seven days. Buddy is resolved to impress his cousin and sister-in-law with the grandest wedding cake ever.
13 26 "Apples, Arguments and Animal Prints" January 11, 2010
Buddy is inspired to create a new recipe after being asked to make an apple tree cake for an orchard. Mary threatens to buy her 40th birthday cake from a rival baker if Buddy doesn't give her the attention she needs.
14 27 "Sizing, Sleeping Stretch and Sesame Street" January 18, 2010
The shop receives an order for a cake for the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, which results in unforeseen problems, and a surprise by Buddy for his favorite character from that show.
15 28 "Chimps, Cinema and Crumb Cake" January 25, 2010
Buddy makes a cake for the Bronx Zoo, which wants a cake for its 110th birthday. He also makes a cake for Clearview Cinemas, which is opening a new theatre in Hoboken; however, they are having difficulty deciding on a cake for its grand opening. Also: a woman drives all the way from Boston to pick up a crumb cake, only for Mary to accidentally sell it to someone else.
16* 29 "Cars, Collapse and Couture" January 31, 2010
In this one hour special, Buddy and his crew travel to a trade show in Charlotte, North Carolina to make a life-sized NASCAR race car made out of cake for NASCAR car owner and famed football coach Joe Gibbs; the cake is bound to take the record for the largest cake in the world -- or collapse completely. Meanwhile, back in Hoboken, Mauro assumes the leadership of the bakery, and supervises construction of a cake for a fashion party; however, the ladies, especially Grace, have better ideas on how to make that cake.
17 30 "Aquarium Adventures and An Announcement" February 1, 2010
Buddy adds live fish to an underwater-themed cake ordered by an aquarium to celebrate its birthday. Lisa and Remy make a special announcement to Buddy, who can't wait to tell the rest of the family.
18 31 "Castles, Cannolis and Cartoon Characters" February 8, 2010
Buddy and Mauro bring their families to Walt Disney World, where they make Carlo's famous cannoli for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. The men make a Disney Princess cake for the birthday of Buddy's daughter, Sofia.

Season 3[]

  • One hour episode.
No. Total Title Airdate
1* 32 "Governor, Giant Lisa and Good-bye Mama" May 31, 2010
Buddy makes a life-size replica of his wife for her 30th birthday, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asks for a cake, arranged by New Jersey Devils owner Jeffrey Vanderbeek. Buddy's mother retires. Buddy announces an Employee of the Month contest -- which he wins. (In addition to its regular version, this episode was also broadcast as a special Icing on the Cake episode, featuring special facts about the family, shop and baked goods, done in the same style as Pop-Up Video and Pawn Stars.)
2 33 "Peppermint and a Polar Bear Plunge" June 7, 2010
Buddy and the crew make a peppermint cake for the Coney Island Polar Bear Club and decide to go for a swim themselves. Also, Buddy makes an ice-cream clown cake for his son's birthday.
3 34 "Roses, Romance and a Romeo" June 7, 2010
It's Valentine's Day and Buddy is given a huge responsibility, 14 cake flavors for a wedding cake for 14 brides being married at the top of the Empire State Building. Meanwhile, Anthony encounters an old acquaintance; in addition, makes a bold decision that shocks Buddy and the guys, while making another among their group seeing another kind of red. (Also presented as an Icing on the Cake special.)
4 35 "Tournament of Knights and a Tasty Tiramisu" June 14, 2010
Buddy's Italian speaking skills are put to the test as he has to make an authentic tiramisu for a client who has family visiting from Italy. In addition, a knight from Medieval Times comes to the bakery to ask for a cake for his king and queen, and challenges Buddy to a joust. (Also presented as an Icing on the Cake special.)
5 36 "Hieroglyphics, Hearse and Happy Parents" June 14, 2010
A funeral hearse is made for a surprise cake. A mother and daughter cannot agree on a theme for a Sweet 16 cake, with one desiring an Egyptian theme, and the other a more girlish fashion-oriented theme. An animal-themed cake is made for an Indian baby shower.
6 37 "Chopped Head and a Crazy Cravings Cake" June 21, 2010
Buddy has to make a cake for a Marie Antoinette party, a "cravings" cake for his sister, Lisa Gonzalez, for her baby shower. Mauro faces a short health care crisis. The rest of the clan is concerned while Mauro claims it to be "no big deal."
7 38 "Magazines, a Mega Screen and Maurizio" June 21, 2010
Buddy faces challenges while making cakes for Nasdaq and O Magazine. Also, cousin Anthony wants to spend more time at the bakery and less time delivering cakes.
8 39 "A Princess, a Pirate and a Perplexing Arch" June 28, 2010
Buddy is feeling the pressure when Mary, his toughest critic, ask him to make a pirate-theme cake for her twins' birthday party. Also, an over-the-top cake is made for a casino opening.
9 40 "6-Foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles and a Sick Mauro" July 12, 2010
It's Easter time and the shop is busy as ever. Buddy makes a sandwich cake for the 100th anniversary of Fiore's, a sandwich shop next to the original Carlo's Bakery. Joey, Sal, and Cousin Anthony make items for the bakery in honor of St. Joseph's Day, and Buddy and Maddelena stage an intervention for Mauro, convincing him to make lifestyle changes to become more healthy.
10 41 "Color, Camouflage and Cupcake Day" July 19, 2010
Buddy and the team are asked to make a paintball cake, then partake in a paintball challenge between the men of Carlo's bakery and two paintball pros. Buddy surprises everyone by hosting their first annual cupcake day, instead of the annual Throwback Cannoli Day, at Carlo's Bakery.
11 42 "Key to the City and a Key-tar Cake" July 26, 2010
Buddy and the team are asked by an 80's tribute band to make a retro cake. Also, Little Ferry, New Jersey, Buddy's birthplace, presents Buddy with the key to the city.
12 43 "Barbers and Bulls" August 2, 2010
Buddy wants to make a cake for the barbershop where he has been getting his hair cut since he was a kid in honor of their anniversary. Also, Buddy and the team are asked to create a mechanical bull cake, complete with movement.
13 44 "Mother's Day, Mama and Mom-to-be" August 9, 2010
Buddy makes a Mother's Day celebration cake for the Adoptive Parents Committee, which is a nonprofit support group for adoptive parents. Buddy surprises his wife on Mothers day by having his children decorating a cake for her. The family celebrates as Lisa, Buddy's sister, gives birth to her child, a daughter named Isabella.
14 45 "Helmet Cake, Healthy Mauro and Huge Train Cake" August 16, 2010
Buddy and the gang make a cake for "National Train Day". They face challenges with having to make the train bigger than they thought. Mauro becomes healthier as his family helps him choose better food and exercise. For the retirement of a fellow fireman and family friend, Buddy decides to make a helmet cake.
15 46 "Strawberries, Sinatra and Sick Ovens" August 23, 2010
Buddy and the team are asked to make a cake for Häagen-Dazs' 50th anniversary, as well as a Frank Sinatra cake for the Broadway show Come Fly Away. However, filling orders becomes difficult when the ovens start to act up again. So Buddy decides that switching the oven room and decorating room will make things easier. This is Remy Gonzales' last episode.
16* 47 "Familia, Fishing and Family History" October 11, 2010
The Valastros embark on a family tour of Italy. Their first stops are Altamura and Lipari, the birthplaces of Mama, and Buddy Sr. While there, Buddy is asked to make a wedding cake and confections for his cousin's baby shower.
17 48 "Frescos, Fountains and Family Wishes" October 18, 2010
The Valastro's continue their trip around Italy; Buddy and the boys get a culture lesson when asked to make a cake inspired by a fresco painting.
18 49 "Cassata, Cheesecakes and Crates of Wine" October 18, 2010
Sicily is the last stop of the Italy vacation; after visiting a local winery, Buddy decides to make a wine bottle cake. Buddy gets a surprise from his wife Lisa -- she is pregnant with their fourth child.
19 50 "Sandals, Sandwiches and Shelves" October 25, 2010
A client travels from Myrtle Beach to order a huge Flip-Flop cake, which became even more of a challenge when one of the ovens break. A local school asks Buddy to make a peanut butter and jelly cake for their graduating third grade class.
20 51 "Pipes, a Phoenix and a Problematic Kitchen" November 1, 2010
Buddy and Co. create a Phoenix cake for McSwiggan's Pub, a neighborhood Irish bar reopening after it was gutted by a fire; Joey tests out the new ovens with his famous Irish Soda Bread.
21 52 "Snookie, Super Anthony and a Ship" November 8, 2010
A trip to the South Street Seaport Museum in New York City for a nautical inspired cake; Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from MTV's Jersey Shore orders a cake for her mom.
22 53 "Sweet Sixteen, Stars and a Saber Sword" November 15, 2010
Mauro's daughter orders a sweet sixteen cake; the bakery makes a cake for the centennial of the Cadet Chapel at West Point.
23 54 "Crazy Chocolate Cake and Carlo's Centennial Celebration" November 22, 2010
Buddy makes an elaborate chocolate cake for a couple's anniversary, which includes ingredients consisting of Hershey's products. Carlo's Bakery celebrates their 100th anniversary since its opening in 1910 with a street party, complete with a huge "timeline" cake outlining its history. Buddy shows his bakers a huge warehouse he has leased, which will play a role in the bakery's future. This was Sal's last episode.
24 55 "Santa, Sunrise and Snowmen Cupcakes" November 29, 2010
The bakery prepares for Christmas Eve, the busiest time of the year for the bakery.

Season 4[]

  • One hour episode.
No. Total Title Airdate
1* 56 "Circus, Celebrity Chef and Surprise!" January 31, 2011
Buddy makes a special cake for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus; Rachael Ray pays a visit to the bakery for her show, in which Grace was an irrepressible fan; Buddy and staff make a special cake for Lisa to celebrate her fourth pregnancy, but the staff (except mauro as he wouldn't stop asking) doesn't know who the cake is for. (This episode is dedicated to longtime Carlo's Bakery employee Sal Picinich, who died the day before broadcast.)
2 57 "Shark Cake, Scooter and Smelly Fish" February 7, 2011
Buddy makes a great white shark cake for a fisherman; he also makes a Vespa birthday cake for Madeline and Mauro, whose birthdays are close to each other.
3 58 "Hot Air Balloon Cake and Happy Little Bakers" February 7, 2011
Buddy makes a special cake for the Make-A-Wish Foundation; he also plays host to four girls who rely on Make-A-Wish to make their common dream come true -- they all want to be bakers. But it's Buddy's brother in law Joey who has a special connection -- his daughter was also a Make-A-Wish kid.
4 59 "Toilets and Textiles" February 14, 2011
A plumbing supply company asks Buddy to make a toilet bowl cake with one special condition -- the cake must actually flush. A nightclub owner who's a fan of denim requests a baby shower cake -- that looks like denim. Meanwhile, someone in the bakery has accidentally made a tiered cake with uneven tiers; with the cake on a deadline, Buddy demands who's at fault.
5 60 "Ships, Sonograms and Sister Drama" February 21, 2011
Carlo's Bakery has their own float at the Morris County Columbus Day parade -- as part of their float, Buddy makes a special cake featuring Christopher Columbus. Also, Carlo's Bakery sells pies on the internet on a trial basis, leaving it to the ladies to handle the sales. Mauro, an Italian immigrant, announced that he will be taking the citizenship test to become an American citizen.
6 61 "Snow Globe, Story Book Cake and a Scare" February 28, 2011
Buddy makes a snow globe cake for a man who wanted to use the cake as a centerpiece for a marriage proposal at Central Park. Buddy also makes a cake for her daughter's class, based on a story that she has written. But later, Buddy had to rush home as his wife Lisa is starting to have contractions.
7* 62 "Cake Boss: Baby Special" March 6, 2011
Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for Carlo's Bakery, but as Lisa's due date nears, can the bakery cope without Buddy? Buddy makes a special cake for the baby shower -- a replica of the baby's nursery, but there's a dispute between him and Lisa on whether or not to include animals on the mural in the actual nursery. Buddy also decides who the baby's godparents are, but there's one problem -- they're all "overqualified". The guys at the bakery also make a special cake for Buddy, as a salute to a fourth round of fatherhood after the child's birth. Among all the celebrations, Buddy takes a moment to reflect on the life of his most-valuable employee, Sal, who died two weeks earlier. Lisa goes into labor on Valentine's Day, and gives birth to a boy, that she and Buddy name Carlo Salvatore, in honor of the bakery and Sal.
8 63 "Pucks, Pastries and Pushy Grace" March 7, 2011
With Buddy's fourth child Carlo born, Buddy decides to leave simple baked goods such as cookies to the staff while he concentrates on the complex cakes, so he can spend more time with his kids; however, Grace oversteps her boundaries, as she attempts to make herself the "Cake Boss" in Buddy's absence. Also, Buddy makes a table hockey game cake for a B'nai Mitzvah.
9 64 "Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities and Sal" March 14, 2011
Buddy and his crew make a massive cake in celebration of Groundhog Day for Staten Island Chuck. They also make an upside-down cake -- which was a multi-tiered cake literally assembled upside down -- for a little girl's Ripley's Believe It or Not! birthday party. Also, Mama greets baby Carlo for the very first time (as she was was on a cruise while Carlo was born), and the family pay their respects for Sal, who died on January 30th, 2011.
10 65 "Punches, Psychics & Piping" March 21, 2011
Buddy makes a cake for WWE star Santino Marella, for a promotion for the upcoming WrestleMania XXVII; he also makes a cake for a psychic. Grace also becomes a control freak when the bakers were unable to make pastries just right.
11 66 "Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis" March 28, 2011
Buddy makes several cakes for fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, for a special presentation during fashion week; however, the designer is finicky on the details. The construction of the new bakery factory hits a setback, when Buddy and his contractor finds a cost overrun; furthermore, Grace is incensed when the model cakes being made for the new sales website are not being made correctly. On top of all this, Buddy learns that he has contracted a hernia, requiring surgery to fix.
12 67 "Tulips, Taxes and Take It Easy" April 4, 2011
Buddy's doctor advises him to take it easy and not lift anything heavy in advance of his hernia surgery; however, Buddy does not know the meaning of "take it easy". The crew makes a cake for the Philadelphia Flower Show, but in order to get the flowers just right, Buddy turns to outside help to assist. The guys also make a special cake for Buddy's accountant friend, to celebrate the coming end of tax season; however, on account of his hernia, the cake may be more taxing on Buddy.
13 68 "Second Anniversary, Surgery and St. Paddy" April 11, 2011
Buddy undergoes surgery for his hernia; in his absence, he had Mauro take over making the cakes. Mauro's first assignment -- making a second anniversary cake for a gay couple, who previously had their wedding cake made by Buddy (in the first season episode "Weddings, Water and Wacked!"). Also, Buddy was made Grand Marshal of Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day parade; however, Joey was jealous, as Buddy is not Irish.
14* 69 "Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!" May 30, 2011
Buddy takes his mother on her first visit to the new factory to show her around, where he discusses the fact that the new factory represents his personal dream, just as the original bakery was his father's dream -- this inspired Buddy to make a special birthday cake for her, in the same style and fashion as how his father had done in the past, which literally says what he and the employees say about her. Later, Buddy makes a special cake for the Kennedy Space Center in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle program; however, in its request, they would like to see the cake "lift off" -- literally. Then, Buddy also requests each of its bakers to make a cake that would be included in the bakery's new online catalog -- the only trouble is deciding which one would make the cut. Also, Sunshine, the bakery's best cake artist, announced that she will soon resign from the bakery to pursue a nursing career. All this work at the bakery, and the stresses of fatherhood after the birth of Carlo, has started to become a little too much for Buddy.
15 70 "Houses, Help and Hitting the Road!" June 6, 2011
Century 21 Real Estate hires Buddy to make a cake for its 40th anniversary convention of its real estate agents from across the globe. However, the cake must feed 4000 people. Also, the convention is in Las Vegas. Buddy still has not been completely cleared by his doctor to do heavy lifting following his hernia operation, so he flies to Vegas and has Danny and Mauro do the heavy lifting and driving.
16 71 "Headphones, Helicopters & Handcuffed" June 13, 2011
As the bakery gets closer to opening its new factory, Buddy and Joey had been training cousin Anthony to be an apprentice baker, and even though Anthony is family, he makes a lot of mistakes and he fears that Anthony, who's about to turn 21, won't make the cut as a new baker. For Anthony's birthday, Buddy makes a cake of a DJ's "coffin" -- a box that holds all the DJ's equipment, but Buddy has a couple of extra surprises for him. Also: a medevac service hires Buddy to make a cake of its helicopter for its fifth anniversary, which they want delivered by helicopter; however, Buddy goes the extra mile and attempts to make the helicopter on the cake fly as well.
17 72 "A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace" June 20, 2011
Chevrolet hires Carlo's Bakery to make a cake featuring a Camaro and Bumblebee of the Transformers for their display at the New York International Auto Show. However, because of the intricate details involved in making it, the cake is being made at a special effects shop. Because of that, Buddy hires his sister, Grace, to run the bakery while he's gone, which ends up leading to problems at the bakery.
18 73 "Competition, Complications, & Communion" June 27, 2011
Parkway Lanes hires Buddy to make a cake commemorating the 40th anniversary of their bowling alley. The owners allow Buddy to get his old bowling team back together and bowl; however, Mary decides to get in on the action and creates her own team in a men vs. women match -- the loser gets to cut the cake. Also: Buddy's daughter, Sofia is having her first holy communion and Buddy makes a cake for her. Meanwhile, trouble arises at the new factory over wiring, delaying construction.
19 74 "Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess-Ups" July 11, 2011
A veteran go-kart driver wanted a cake made for the championships, so Buddy makes a cake in a shape of a go-kart, actual size, but Buddy wanted to go the extra mile by making it drivable. Also: Buddy makes a cake for a friend of Joey's father, a former marbles champion, who's becoming 101 years old.
20 75 "Bugs, Break-Ups & Burned Out" July 11, 2011
An entomologist wants Buddy to make a cake for his bug club; also, he wants a cake made of bugs -- for his bug club members to eat. Also: Buddy makes a cake for a woman who's celebrating the breakup with her boyfriend. Then, Joey, who is stressed out after holding two jobs at once, is faced with a decision on deciding what job is more important -- his firefighter job or his job as head baker.
21 76 "Cheeseburgers, Cures and a Challenge" July 18, 2011
Buddy makes a cake for a hamburger enthusiast; this encourages the guys at the bakery to see who can eat the most burgers. Also: the bakery makes a cake for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, a fundraiser that practically touches Buddy, Joey and Mauro personally: Buddy for his father, Joey for Sal, and Mauro for his mother.
22 77 "Campfire, Computers and a Concern" July 25, 2011
Maddalena takes an order for a camping cake, but when the customer requests that the campfire in the cake be an actual campfire, Buddy is concerned that the fire would melt the cake. Also, Buddy makes a telephone cake for an Avaya convention -- that really takes phone calls. Then, Buddy and Joey go to the factory to take a look at the new ovens, but they are concerned that they won't work.
23 78 "Prize Cow, Pop Tarts and Patience" August 1, 2011
The bakers make a cake for a dairy farmer's prize cow; not only do they make it life-size, Buddy also has it set up so it can be milked. Also, Buddy makes a cake for a boy whose family recently moved to Hoboken, with the cake being mostly made of Pop Tarts. Later, Joey, still having trouble on deciding between his firefighter or baker careers, asks Grace for advice.
24 79 "Chandelier Cake & a Christening" September 26, 2011
Buddy works on one of his most challenging cakes to date: an edible chandelier cake that will be hung upside down. Also, Buddy's youngest son Carlo is baptized, and he decides to make a cake for the occasion
25 80 "Paleontology & Popping the Question" September 26, 2011
Buddy and his children plan a surprise for his wife, Lisa for their 10 year wedding anniversary. Meanwhile, a dinosaur-theme wedding cake is made for a couple who are getting married in a museum.
26 81 "State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary" October 3, 2011
Buddy makes a silver anniversary cake for the Meadowlands State Fair. Also, he makes a cake for Joey's son Robert, who is on his way to attend college at Syracuse University. Mauro's fear of heights is revealed when the crew visits the fair.
27 82 "Transport Troubles & Two Brides" October 3, 2011
A huge Chicago-theme cake is constructed to celebrate the opening of a Rolls-Royce dealership in the Windy City. Also: Buddy works on a cake for a very special couple from Long Island.
28 83 "A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings" October 10, 2011
Regis Philbin stops by the bakery for a lesson on cake decorating, for a segment for his morning show, Live with Regis and Kelly. Reege then invited Buddy to appear on his show, but little does he, or co-host Kelly Ripa know, that Buddy has a special cake being made just for them. Also: a Korean bride requests a cake for her 50th wedding, as her unorthodox mission to get married in each of the fifty states comes to an end. Then, Joey's visited by his old fire chief, which leads to Joey's decision to choose whether to stay at the bakery or stay in firefighting become more difficult.
29 84 "Bees, Beware & Business" October 10, 2011
Buddy makes a giant beehive cake made with real honey, in celebration of the first anniversary of the legalization of beekeeping in New York City. Also: a client seeks Buddy's help in pranking her husband on their wedding anniversary.
30 85 "Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress" October 17, 2011
Race-car driver Danica Patrick stops by the bakery to order a cake for a COPD awareness campaign, based on a sculpture built by her husband. Meanwhile, Lisa and her sisters head to Kleinfeld Bridal in hopes that Lisa would Say Yes to the Dress for her vow-renewal ceremony; Randy Fenoli, Kleinfeld's fashion director, assists in Lisa's selection.
31 86 "Spirits & Spumoni" October 24, 2011
Buddy makes a cake of the Jersey Devil for a group of professional ghost hunters, who hope to turn Buddy from a skeptic into a believer after he joins them on a ghost hunting expedition and comes into contact with Buddy's father. Later, Joey resurrects an old recipe for spumoni ice-cream cake. Meanwhile, Joey, still torn between two careers, makes a decision that would please Buddy, his firehouse, and himself.
32 87 "Coffins, Costumes and a Cake on a Gurney" October 31, 2011
Buddy makes what could be one of the most unusual cakes ever -- a man in a coffin for a group of "vampires", and they prefer Danny to be model for the dead man. Meanwhile, a medical student requests a cake for a marriage proposal to a fellow student, which he plans to make in the ER ward at a local hospital.
33 88 "Soap, Sonograms and Surprises" November 7, 2011
Buddy makes a washing machine cake in celebration of Tide detergent's 65th anniversary, but the general manager of Tide would like to see it spin. Also: an expecting couple would like a cake for their gender reveal party, with the filling determining the baby's gender -- except that even the couple wants to be surprised. Later, the familglia keeps pestering Lisa for details on her marriage renewal plans with Buddy: the whole family is going on a cruise, and Buddy and Lisa will renew their vows on a beach in the Bahamas.
34 89 "Props, Pies and Party Time" November 14, 2011
Buddy makes a cake for his brother-in-law's tiki-themed 21st birthday party, which is made to look like a bar that actually serves alcohol; however, the brother-in-law wanted the alcohol to be used as a fuel for fire, not as a beverage. Also: film producers Justin Zackham and Tom Shadyac order three wedding cakes -- two real and one fake -- for a film that they're shooting in Connecticut; Buddy makes one, and leaves it to the assistants to make the other two, which must look exactly right. Then, Buddy and his two oldest sons get fitted for tuxes for the marriage renewal ceremony.
35 90 "Church Cake, Carats and Castano's Pool Party" November 21, 2011
Buddy makes a church cake for Joey and Grace's 20th anniversary, a replica of the cake that they have when they got married. Later, Mauro makes a cake for a poolside party for his son's 12th birthday. Also: Buddy and Lisa shop for rings for their vow renewal ceremony.
36 91 "Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints" November 28, 2011
Buddy makes a cake for a New York socialite which is decorated with $30 million worth of jewels. Buddy treats the staff at Lackawanna to a barbecue to thank them for all of their hard work. Meanwhile, plans are being made to completely renovate the original Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken.
37* 92 "Cake Block, Cruise and a Carlo's Ceremony" January 23, 2012
Buddy makes a cake to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Disney Cruise Line's ship, the Disney Dream; the ship also serves as a venue for Buddy and Lisa's cruise to the Bahamas, where they will renew their vows, but when rain threatens to put a damper on the beachside ceremony, Buddy comes up with a plan to save the ceremony. Naturally, Buddy makes his own cake for the ceremony; however, he ended up suffering from mental block when he could not create an appropriate design for the cake.
38 93 "Touchdowns and Tattoos" January 30, 2012
Buddy appears on Dan Patrick's radio show, to announce that he is making a Heisman Trophy cake for a special gala charity event, where Buddy meets one of his favorite football players, Vinny Testaverde. Also, Mauro gets a tattoo to show his love for his wife, Maddeline, in celebration of their 20th anniversary; Ami James and the crew from NY Ink guest star. Finally, Marissa Lopez, the winner of Season 2 of Next Great Baker (which preceded this episode), started her first day working for Buddy, helping him decorate the Heisman Trophy cake, and learning that "all work and no play" does not strictly apply at Carlo's Bakery.

Season 5[]

No. Total Title Airdate
1 94 "Fitting In, Fed Up & a First Birthday" May 28, 2012
Buddy and his crew make a candy mountain cake for his son Carlo's first birthday, complete with a chocolate "river". Marissa, as part of her ongoing internship, makes a two-tier cake for a "mystery" client. And on a busy day when customers are waiting in line for blocks, Mary shows up 45 minutes late for work, to the ire of Grace.
2 95 "Trash, Twirls & Tough Love" May 28, 2012
Buddy makes a cake for a friend of his, a co-owner of a garbage transport service. His crew also makes a cake for an elderly female synchronized swimming team. Also: with discourse growing among the bakery staff, something has to give, and Buddy finds the source of the problem -- Mary.
3 96 "Stained Glass and a Surprised Danny" June 4, 2012
Following the events in the previous episodes, Buddy makes a difficult decision and dismisses Mary as manager, forbidding her from ever again taking the position at Carlo's Bakery. Also: Buddy makes a stained glass cake for Hoboken's Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church, for the retirement of the church's music director. And the group trick Danny into making the filling for his own cake, celebrating his 50th birthday.
4 97 "Fast Hands & a Flaming Pearl" June 4, 2012
Buddy and the group make a boxing bag cake for a boxing boot camp, challenging Anthony to a mixed martial arts match with a purple belt fighter; if he wins, he gets two days off, but if he loses, his hair gets sheared off. Also, the guys make a cake for a group's float in the Chinese New Year parade, complete with a large isomalt "pearl".