Ralph, AKA Ralphie Boy, is the head sculpter at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. Before working at Carlo's, Ralph used to work as a circus performer/carnival barker--such as making balloon animals and even performing as a fire-breather (like putting a flaming torch in his mouth). Ralph came onto the show during the third season--he was recommended by a current employee and auditioned for a job as a sculptor by making a model of a dinosaur, which impressed Buddy enough to hire him. Ralph eventually became the head sculptor for Carlo's Bakery.

When Buddy's second son, Marco, comes to work with his dad, he often goes to Ralph, who he considers his "best friend."

He is one of the normal laid back guys that work there. He is able to deal with all the ridiculous drama of the entitled sisters and their kids; he goes with the flow and is easily able to brush then off while still staying level headed and professional.

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